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Christie Bevel

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My Story

Christie recently joined the real estate field and brings with her an extensive background in human

resources where she specialized in program building and coaching individuals and families through large

international transitions. Relational skills from years of working in the field of cancer treatment has

served her well in meeting individuals and their needs with sensitivity and compassion. Having lived and

worked internationally for several years she has an appreciation for cultural diversity and highly values

people and relationships. Learning and experiencing new cultures has enabled her to approach

situations from various perspectives of problem-solving and to fall in love with people, food and flavors

from around the world. She and her husband Donnie, who grew up in Shreveport, settled in the

Northwest Louisiana area over twenty years ago and are active members of Trinity Heights Baptist

Church. She loves travelling as much as cooking for her family and a leisurely cup of coffee with a

friend. They have a son, daughter in law and grandson in the Baton Rouge area, a son in the Shreveport

area and daughter in college. Having made many transitions, domestic and international, has given her

an intimate understanding of how to help you navigate your move!


Let’s talk about making your real estate goals a reality!

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